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Get to know our mobile friendly platform features.

Get to know our mobile friendly platform features.

Capture 20% more leads.
Unbranded lead capture sites with forced registration. We let you know immediately when a client is in their moment of intent so you can initiate with them at the right moment.

Contacting a new lead in the first 5 minutes.
Our CRM will automatically respond to new leads right away, with personal contact by SMS/Email that is customized to the client and what they are looking for.

Build your very own custom, stand-alone landing pages to generate more business. Creating a custom landing page is easy to use with our landing page creator system and you have a variety of templates to choose from.

Stay top of mind with your leads and clients by marketing yourself everywhere and anywhere your leads visit every day. Our retargeting ads can be seen on sites like Zillow/Trulia to publications and news outlets.

Let everyone know who you are.
In Real Estate before you can sell a home, you must sell yourself! Let prospective clients find you easily, with your mobile optimized Branded site. Make it easy for them to learn more about you and what services you offer.

Send, receive and reply to texts directly from your CRM with full functioning mass text available as well.

Make your lead follow up care-free with our automatic recording feature. You'll never have to worry again about remembering a missed detail. With our integrated dialer, it's as easy as one click.

Generating leads offline is easier when using our Custom Landing pages. Whether you are door knocking or doing an open house, get potential clients to sign themselves up to receive personalized updates on the market surrounding their home.

Sync with Google email and be able to send and receive emails straight from your CRM. Also use the integration feature to seamlessly, sync your Google calendar and CRM tasks. Allowing all of your follow ups to show up in one place.

Real Estate can be a lonely business, but you don't have to go through it alone. AgentLocator is here to help you learn, grow and succeed all while using our CRM and website services.

See exactly when your client is looking at properties and what they are looking at to be ahead of the pack with their latest information.

Reduce all the time it takes to enter a client info. Plus keep them updated constantly through our system which seamlessly integrates all your information sources into one profile.

When your leads register on your lead generation website, our automated response system will save the criteria of what your lead was looking for & automatically send them new listings as they come out. They can return to their information saved and keep you as their resource to find a home.

Staying in contact and keeping clients can be time consuming. Use our custom drip campaigns to stay in touch and top of mind. Our custom campaigns can include emails and text messages.

Use our IP Tracking feature to help you determine where your lead is from. Know where your lead is so you are informed and asking the right questions from the first conversation.

Your center of operations to nurture your leads and cultivate your past clients in one place.

We will integrate with almost all platforms or lead sources so you don't miss out on a single tool you need.

Reaching out to your leads as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. Use our automated lead distribution feature to get your leads assigned to the right agent within seconds utilizing customized lead distribution or round robin.

Keep all your leads in one easy place. We will help you get all your leads into one place, which will make it easier for you to follow up and stay in touch seamlessly.

The pipeline features help you figure out what stage of the sales process you are in with each and every lead. Once you know where the lead is in the process, you will be able to better determine who needs your time and focus today!

Find and reach out to specific groups of your leads with our customizable tagging system and lead filters.

Help quickly craft an Ad for Facebook or Instagram with ease.

When your client signs up, they will automatically get a lead campaign sent to them that reflects exactly what they look at.

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