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Hiring an ISA company or hiring within


There is one question that you have to ask yourself before you decide which direction to go in.

Question #1:  Does the real estate council in my State/Province allow unlicensed people to solicit business?

I have to start off with this as I don’t want to give you wrong advice which could potentially create a problem for you down the road.  I have seen many teams/agents/offices use unlicensed people to be ISA’s in States/Provinces where it’s clearly against the policies so you figure out how much risk you are willing to take.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the ups and downs of it all.

Hiring an ISA company

There are different kind of ISA companies, in this article I am only going to talk about the companies which have many different ISA’s working your leads which means they are leveraging multiple people in an effort to have speed to dial (how fast they call the lead when a new lead comes in).  Most of these companies say that they will call your leads within 5 minutes of the lead coming in.


Longer working hours then you can pay a single ISA to work.

Faster call to new leads.

Never worry about your ISA leaving.

Never worry about training your ISA.

It costs less then having to hire a full time ISA.


You don’t have control over the process of which your leads are called.
You are at risk of the company going under.  
(I say this as this is so far a very fresh model for real estate agents to a certain degree.  We’ve just recently seen big companies get into this and we’ve also seen some companies give it a shot only to crumble when they began to scale up)
Many different people are working your leads.  
(While this could possibly both positive and negative I’m having it in the downs section as real estate is a relationship business and sometimes people like to build relationships with those that are helping them)

What questions should I ask an ISA company I am looking to hire?


Do you work my leads in my own CRM account or do you have the leads go to your own platform to make the calls?

Please note that while I own a lead generation & CRM company if you are hiring an ISA company and speed to dial is important to you, they simply must have their own system for working the leads.  It’s not going to be possible for a scaled up ISA company to be able to offer a 5 minute response time to your leads if they are working the leads in every clients back end.

How fast are you able to dial new leads that come in?
5 minute response time is the standard on the companies which have a scaled up operation and are using their own systems.  In many cases it’s important that you have them call your leads as fast as possible as when they first register they are on their computer looking through properties and it would be nice to reach them right there and then.

What’s your current call/text/email process to get a lead to respond?

What qualifying questions do you ask the new leads?

At which point do you pass a lead over to the agent to work the lead and can that be defined by me?

As an example, some companies will pass a lead off to you the moment they are willing to speak to an agent and agree but don’t match the qualifying questions you have outlined which may be for example are they ready to buy/sell in the next 6 months?

How do you treat those leads which have not been deemed qualified or just no ready to buy yet, what’s your call/text/email schedule to them like?

Am I able to listen to the calls that are being made by the ISA’s, meaning, are the calls recorded for me to be able to play they back?

The ISA’s that are working for you, where are they based out of, are they local to Canada/USA?  

Hiring your own ISA internally


You can hire a licenced real estate agent in the event your State/Province requires one.

Based on my experience try to find someone who absolutely hates going out to show properties and generally doesn't like spending time with people in person.  Yes, yes, I know, why did they ever get their licence but trust me there are people out there. There is one main reason why you need to do this for yourself and that is the ISA will not simply pick up and leave when they figure out how to work online leads.

Relationships can be formed with the leads which sometimes makes your job easier at conversion.

You can request that the complete qualification is done until lead is ready to meet in person.

You can scale up by hiring more ISA’s and having those ISA’s learn from the one you already have in place by shadowing.


Having to re-training ISA’s on a consistent basis as it’s hard to retain and keep an ISA motivated.

Creating competition for yourself in the event you hire a licenced real estate agent to do the work where they pick up and leave to do it on their own.

Having to manage someone to make sure they are doing their job.

My final thoughts


Before you choose which route you wish to go think about what’s important to you and how you wish to work.  If you choose to hire a company make sure you do your homework, ask all the questions to get a good understanding, Google their company name, if they don’t have a Google business profile there is a reason for that, they either have a lot of bad reviews or they are too new and you should not go with a brand new company.  Check them out on Facebook, read the Facebook reviews, ask in real estate groups if anyone has used them in the past.

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