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Should you send out a daylight savings notification?


Personally I don't think it's needed as most of our devices update automatically. This could also depend on your clients demographic - if you work mostly with older clients it may still be a good idea to remind them.

Daylight savings time may no longer be an issue as most of devices update itself automatically. It also becomes a hot topic on social media and in some cases it becomes annoying as it’s the 100th post they’ve seen already.

As real estate agents you do need to try and stay top-of-mind, you should try to do that by sending valuable messages at the right time.

Below are a few ideas.

What are some other ways to stay in touch?


First step is segmenting your database. Use tagging to identify house owners vs condo owners; tag people based by address, by religion etc. Segment your database into as many different groups of people as you can so that you can be prepared to send targeted emails to those groups.

A few ideas are:

1. Drain & close water hoses in preparation for the winter (Homeowners Only)


2. Check & Clear your furnace vents of snow and ice (Homeowners Only)

On that first big snowfall, shoot everyone an email reminder. If you don’t know what to write Google it, and you will find many blogs talking about the potential issue of blocked furnace vents.

3. Notification about when window cleaners are coming for a "Condo Building"

For those Condo specialists out there, if you’ve been working a condo building for a while and have some emails for people who live in the building, find out when the windows cleaners are scheduled to work and send that email reminder.

4. For Sale/Sold Notifications in their area for their type of home

This is something that would give you the most value and you can completely automate it as well.

Everyone is a nosy neighbour, we all want to know what’s happening in our immediate neighbourhood (for our own type of property). You and I both know that when that for sale sign is put into the ground on my street I am curious - How much is it? What does it look like inside? In 2014 we create this tool that does this for you automatically and now since TREB has come out with sold data this same tool sends out updates when a property actually sells and what it sold for.

5. Market updates (Neighbourhood not general)

Having your database segmented by neighbourhood is also important so it would be easy for you to send out a neighbourhood price update.

In conclusion


If you are sending something out to your database try to make it something they would find valuable and specific to them. The more targeted you can make your emails the more receptive they will get overtime. We’ll be emailing this blog out to all of our clients & prospects, I hope you find it valuable.

Have you been thinking about trying online leads?


Online leads aren't for everyone. If you have been thinking about online leads you should watch the results from this Survey to get a good idea if it's for you or not.



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