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How AgentLocator Helps You Grow Your Real Estate Business

Digital marketing and lead gen have become essential for many businesses around the world. We have put our focus on the real estate industry to help real estate agents boost their business with smooth tech solutions that redefine business conduct and relationships with clients.


We’ve been a success story in Canada, and now it’s time for the USA.


AgentLocator has been supporting real estate agents and their businesses almost for a decade with clever lead gen formulas and digital marketing strategies. We bring in leads for our clients with all the necessary tools that help them manage, group, and keep track of their clients.


We have built our own system from scratch with the aim to specifically cater to the individual needs of the real estate business. Getting leads onboard has never been easier thanks to highly sophisticated tech tools, and we are one of the industry leaders with our intuitive software platform that grows and nurtures businesses. Here is what we offer.


AgentLocator’s first mission is to bring you in new leads

We do all the prep work you need to boost your business

One of the biggest challenges real estate agents face is how to attract potential clients and how to spread the word in their community that they are the go-to person when it comes to buying and selling homes. With our all-round service package that includes basic, semi-custom and branded websites, as well as PPC, tag marketing, Google Ads, and Facebook Ad campaigns, we make sure that agents get the exposure they deserve. All of our tools are designed to drive website traffic and encourage visitors to register and subscribe. And that’s not all. We have our very own system that will help you navigate through all the leads.


A system that keeps track of everything

Our CRM is where all the action takes place. Our CRM will immediately save the leads that register on your website and reach out to them via personalized automated email and text in the first 5 minutes. We know that you cannot be available at every moment, but we make sure each of your leads gets the attention they deserve. The system gives you an insight in all the specifics of each individual lead (which properties they looked at, their approximate price range, which areas they are interested in, etc.), so you have all the info at hand when you want to contact them yourself. 

Our system enables automated personalized email campaigns with your logo and content, mass SMS and mass email, making it easy to stay in touch with your leads, all while connecting with them on a personal level. It also saves busy agents a lot of time who are usually always on the go. Reaching out to hundreds and thousands of leads within minutes has proven to be a lifesaver for most of our agent clients.

Lead management is as important to us as lead generation

Keep track of everything that’s going on with your leads

You won’t have to remember a thing anymore because our system will do it for you. Our CRM is smart, allowing you to set reminders, make notes, filter, and group leads per category, measure their response activity and involvement. All of this helps agents decide how to approach a lead.  Agents nowadays have hundreds and thousands of leads, and it is impossible to keep track of each one of them without a little help. Did you know that our CRM cuts your administrative work by 25 days per year? That's almost a whole month you gain to focus on what you do, i.e., making more deals.

All the information gathered in the CRM helps convert leads, as you will get to know a lot about their preferences, preferred location, price range, when they are looking to buy, etc. You can also call your leads directly from our system, and track every interaction you have with them whether it’s via email, SMS or phone.

Training and walkthroughs

Learn to use the system


Since we want you to experience all the benefits and peek into every corner of our user-friendly CRM, we train you for free. Unlike many platforms that have expensive training classes, you will receive all of your training free. We have a personal one to one training, webinars available 24/7 and a library of answers to frequently asked questions. After all, having all the technology means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. Our personal trainers will go through each step with you to help you navigate your way through our awesome tools.


Coaching and Webinars

Learn about the business

To help our agents understand the best way to approach Lead Generation, we provide one to one accountability coaching, oversight, and webinars. In addition, to help you overcome your daily struggles when communicating with leads, we have live dial sessions with our veteran real estate pro Beverly Ruffner who explains how to talk to leads and what is important for you as an agent to increase your conversion rate and save you time.


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